Confidence Club 2015


A couple of housekeeping items :
  1. When you submit your picks, you MUST use your alias on the picksheet - the retrieval of picks is scripted, and when you use a different name, it confuses the system!
  2. Even if you use a Thursday game in your survivor/margin/parlay pick and you've told me about it via email, please indicate the same on your picks
  3. There are Thursday games every week.  If you miss Thursday, DO NOT SUBMIT ANYTHING OTHER THAN MAX POINTS for the missed game.  If you do, I will have to change it anyway, and swap points with another game on your sheet.

Week 17: 1. A+ 2. Guido 3. Houndy L. Spider 2 Y Banana
Conference Leaders: TheOneNonlyTDR You Know Who I Am Beowolf bred4 P B Slayer
Low Man Out: PG
Giant Mike
BlackJack: NDB327
Survivor 1: ALL 11 players eliminated - they will split the season prize
Survivor 2: 3 survivors split the prize
Margin: 227 - Ack
195 - Guido
194 - Kid
High 5: 386 - Kid
361 - Da Kine
346 - Rokdaddy2k
SportsBox: No winner in Week 17,  prize of 180 will be decided by the SuperBowl
Thurkey: Jeagle Fans win this year's Turkey Bowl